About Us

About Us

“Laurus Med” company started its operations on wholesaling of pharmaceutical products on September 2013. Before that we have undertaken persistent efforts in the pharmaceutical industry since 1997, which began with the opening of a pharmacy, oriented to retail purchaser. Over the years, we have organized a small network of pharmacies, to allow customers to purchase products near the home.

Since then the company has come a long way, won the respect and trust of the population. We now have brand awareness, our employees are distinguished by professionalism, demonstrate mastery of service and cavalier attitude towards customers.

We sell medicines and cosmetics by wholesale, as well as nutritional supplements, which are specifically designed to improve the health and quality of life.

We comply fully with the norms of the European Union and work in accordance with international quality standards. We have relevant documents for all licensable activities; this contributes to the successful development of the business.

Among our suppliers are well-known Latvian pharmaceutical companies which provide preferential terms, as well as international pharmaceutical manufacturers which are reputable in our market. Due to the wide range of products we can offer different solutions depending on customers’ needs.

Despite the relative youth of our organization, we achieved good results in trade of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. A number of factors contributed to this are the following:

  • focus in business development;
  • low prices;
  • wide range of products;
  • special training of our each employees;
  • use of positive world experience in the sale of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements;
  • implementation of proprietary technologies for customer service;
  • expanding the range of direct suppliers from Latvia and other countries.

We remain open for new business partners, therefore we always carefully consider mutually beneficial proposals for cooperation. Contact us at any time!